Ways to Help


St. Athanasius School purchases gift cards at a discount price and re-sells the cards at face value. When you purchase Scrip cards, you earn a rebate credit for every dollar you spend.  Half of the rebate is applied to reduce your tuition bill and the other half goes to the school as revenue.  Orders may be place online at shopwithscrip.com , through the RaiseRight app from GLScrip.com or via the Scrip order form at the school /parish offices (for in-stock inventory only).   Setting up your account is easy - click here to start:  https://www.shopwithscrip.com/startearning  and use our unique code  795A12E51212  to link St. Athanasius to your account.   Additional information on the program and how to set up your account can be found here.

Scrap Metal 

There is a scrap metal bin in the lot behind the school from Iowa Metal Recycling.

Box Tops for Education

We receive 10¢ for every Box Top purchase logged through the app.  Learn more about Box Tops for Education by clicking here

Hy-Vee Cash 4 Students

We receive $1 for every $200 in receipts collected.  The program runs every year from July - May.  Receipts are collected in the school office and turned in twice a year.

Kwik Star Rewards

You can designate St. Athanasius School to receive a percentage of your purchases with a Kwik Card.


We receive 50% of the final sale price on items. Make sure you let them know the items you take into the store go to the St. Athanasius School account.


Earn credit for every dollar you spend on SCRIP

Box Tops

Learn about the Box Tops For Education Program