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Parent Teacher Organization

What is the St. A PTO: 
The PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) focuses their efforts on communication between school and home.  


Be part of the PTO: 
St. A PTO would like to emphasize that they encourage all parents and teachers to participate.  There are no fees or requirements to join.  


PTO Supports the Following Activities:  

Scrip/Cash gifts to teachers (both at the beginning of the year and all staff at Christmas)
Teacher Conference Dinners
Catholic Schools Week Event Funding
Gallagher Admission
AR Parties
Teacher Appreciation Week
Back to School BackPack Night, and more!


Parent PTO Members:
Jill Chemin

Jessica Zabel

Justin Rohlfsen

Kayla Rohlfsen

Allison Stone
Stacy McRae
Melissa Huffman
Deb Nathe
Cathy Sebetka

Shelley Manternach

Teacher PTO Members:
Raquel Pejchl
Lisa Junk


PTO Main Contact:

Jill Chemin

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