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Don Bosco Tuition Scholarship for Saint A Students

Saint Athanasius Parish is one of six parishes that support Don Bosco High School. Don Bosco is Saint A's  Catholic high school. For more information, visit

SEAT has always been extremely generous in supporting families to make attendance at St. Athanasius School affordable.  The SEAT committee has created a scholarship to assist St. A graduates as they move forward with their Catholic education at Don Bosco High School.  This Don Bosco Tuition Scholarship for Saint A Students (DB-St.A Scholarship) will begin with the St. A graduating class of 2021.


The DB-St.A Scholarship award is $1,000 per year  for four (4) years of attending Don Bosco. Applications will be completed by St. Athanasius School, and parents will be notified if the qualifying criteria have been met. The award will be made directly to Don Bosco High School and credited toward the student’s tuition. 

DB-St.A Scholarship Guidelines

The criteria for the DB-St.A Scholarship set by SEAT are as follows:


1. The student must have attended four (4) full school years at St. Athanasius School and one such full-year must be their 8th grade year.


2. The student must maintain a passing grade point average of 2.5 and attend Don Bosco High School the full year for which the scholarship is awarded.


3. Neither the student, nor his or her family, need to be a parishioner of St. Athanasius Parish. St. Athanasius School accepts all students of all faiths.


In evaluating applications, SEAT retains the right to make exceptions to such criteria, for example, new parishioners and families moving to Jesup or the surrounding area.

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