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Hall of Fame

When St. Athanasius School celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, a Hall of Fame was established. Its purpose is to honor those people who have given and sacrificed through the years to sustain Catholic education, in particular, here at St. Athanasius School.


Many times these individuals quietly go about witnessing their faith and their belief in Catholic education without giving it a second thought. There are many different ways people value and support education at St. Athanasius. Some people have offered years of service as faculty, staff personnel, or volunteers. Many people have ensured that their children attend Catholic schools, sometimes at great sacrifice. Some people support Catholic education through their prayers and spirituality, and others help maintain education at St. Athanasius School through financial support.


If you know of someone who fits this description, please use the following form to nominate that person for our Hall of Fame. Include a letter explaining why you think this person would be an outstanding choice. A committee then votes on the nominations based on the above criteria.  

Nominations are due each year in early January for award presentation after mass on the Friday of Catholic Schools Week.

Nomination form can be found here.  

View all previous Hall of Fame recipients by clicking the Hall of Fame image below.  

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