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Ways to Donate

Pass on the tradition of the Catholic faith through Catholic education.  We do not want any child to be denied the benefit of a Catholic education due to their financial circumstances.  Prior to making any decisions, consult your tax advisor and/or financial advisor to evaluate your individual situation. Additional options may be available depending on your circumstances.
IRA Charitable Rollover

The tax law LEGACY passed in December 2015 made the IRA charitable rollover a permanent provision. When you are over 70 ½, you are required t take a minimum distribution from your IRA. If you do not need the funds, why not direct the money to Saint Athanasius School and save some tax?

Gift of Grain

If you are an active farmer, donations of grain will provide you more in income tax benefits than gifts of cash.


If you donate highly appreciated publically-traded stocks to charity, you can deduct the entire stock market value as a charitable donation and not be responsible for any capital gains tax

Beneficiary Designation

Your children will be required to pay income tax on distributions from inherited retirement funds. If your estate is large enough to pay Federal Estate Tax, the retirement funds will be subject to the estate tax in addition o the retirement tax. This could mean a loss of up to 1/3 or 2/3 of the value of the retirement account. Designating one or more charities as the beneficiary eliminates both the income tax and estate tax on your retirement funds.

Charitable Remainder Trust 

Establishing a charitable remainder trust upon retirement requires planning with financial professionals, but may save a massive amount of income tax. Your financial advisor should be able to help direct you on how you want this to benefit the charities of your choice.

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