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Registration Forms

​Below are the required registration forms. Please click here for a print version of the registration check list.  

  1. St. A Educational Covenant

  2. Tuition Agreement

  3. EFT Agreement

  4. Internet Use Policy and Consent Form

  5. OSE-Annual Consent - Print and fill out one for each child and return to the school office.

  6. Media Release Authorization

  7. School Medication Form 

  8. iPad Rent to Own Agreement (ONLY FOR 5th - 8th Grade)

    • Parents have the opportunity to purchase iPad insurance coverage directly from Worth Ave Group Insurance.  Cost is $28 with a $0 deductible for the school year.  Click HERE for instructions to purchase. ​ Deadline to purchase is August 25, 2021.

  9. School Plagiarism Cheating Policy (ONLY FOR 5th - 8th Grade)

  10. Medical and Dental Forms

We are required to have all students show proof of Physical Examinations, Certificates of        Immunization and Certificates of Dental Screening.  They are required to be updated at specific intervals.  We can accept a physician's office form or you may use ours.  Please return to St. A office.    

  1. Physical Examination - All New Students, plus Students entering Preschool, PreKindergarten, Kindergarten, as well as students participating in school sponsored sports are required to update their physicals annually. 

  2. Certificate of Immunization - Vaccinations are required by Iowa law at specific intervals during childhood.  (click here to view required immunizations)  A new immunization form should be submitted with physicals or any time immunizations are updated.  

  3. Certificate of Dental Screening - Kindergarten only

Additional Resources


  • 2020-21 Preschool Handbook 

  • Additional DHS paperwork will be mailed to parents to fill out and return on the first day of school.

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