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Through the generosity of our benefactors, Saint Athanasius School created the Saint Athanasius Education Assistance Trust (SEAT) to be used for tuition assistance grants. 

As a result of SEAT, Saint A is able to provide assistance to qualifying existing or new Saint A students in grades K-8. We are very excited to provide additional support to families choosing Saint A. With the benefit of SEAT we hope tuition will never be a hindrance to choosing Saint A for a quality education.

The Saint Athanasius Endowment Committee governs and administer SEAT, including establishing criteria for aid and other guidelines.  A brief description of the guidelines are provided below. Importantly, the awarding of grants to individual families is made by the Principal of Saint Athanasius and no family-specific confidential information is shared outside of the Saint Athanasius administration. As such, family privacy is ensured.



SEAT Programs*

Pre-K Program

SEAT grants a $1,000 scholarship to each student attending Saint  Athanasius School in the year they are in the Pre-K program to offset tuition.

K-8 Programs

  • K-8 Tuition Scholarships – A $300 K-8 Tuition Scholarship awarded to each Saint Athanasius School family

  • STO Match Grants – A dollar-for-dollar match made to eligible families based on the criteria, up to a maximum of $350

  • Tuition Assistance Grants – Additional grants for eligible families in addition to the programs above. The combination of STO Match Grants and Tuition Assistance Grants, per student, shall not exceed 90% of tuition



* All programs subject to the SEAT criteria and eligibility guidelines.

SEAT Guidelines


All programs require families to apply to the School Tuition Organization (STO) program.



The awarding of Tuition Assistance Grants includes consideration of:

  • Family income level;

  • Loss of employment or unfavorable change in employment status of one or more parent/guardian;

  • Family medical issues;

  • Natural disasters (e.g. flood, fire, tornado, etc.); and

  • Other situations that the applicant deems worthy of consideration.

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