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Athletics & Fine Arts

There are athletic & fine arts opportunities available for St. A students that are in 7th and 8th grades to participate in through Bosco Catholic School System and Jesup Community School.

Explore the different options at:  
Bosco Catholic School System 

Jesup Community School District
* Please express interest early.  The request process can take up to 3 months prior to the activity beginning.  Contact St. A office for the request guidelines.   



For those interested in participating in band, the student may start in 5th grade.  Band is offered through Bosco Catholic School System.  

Other Activities:

If you have interest in another sport or activity not listed (ex: diving, soccer) the St. A office can assist with exploring potential opportunities.  


Recognizing our 7th and 8th graders who are involved with extra curriculars.  


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